Company Programs

Branded Apparel

Create a memorable first impression with quality branded apparel. Professionals in every industry are often recognized by their branded Polos, Visors, T-Shirts, Aprons, and Caps.  Consistently promote your company brand and build teamwork as every employee proudly serves each customer.

Customer Appreciation

Let’s face it.  We all have choices and if our customers don’t feel appreciated and valued they will look elsewhere.  It is all part of the customer experience.  Build customer loyalty and let them know they are appreciated by rewarding them with something of value.  Don’t expect your customer to be a walking billboard but a subtly branded gift with high perceived value lets them know they are appreciated.

Employee Recognition

World class companies are built by world class teams.  Teams maximize their potential when everyone is rowing in the same direction to achieve a common goal.  Celebrating successes is a key component of winning so let your team know when they are winning by rewarding them with something they will cherish.  Promote teamwork and accomplishments with branded merchandise that is meaningful to your team members.

Health & Wellness Programs

Health care costs are escalating and many companies realize that for every dollar spent on wellness & prevention it saves them over $3 in health care costs.  Increased creativity, productivity and morale also mean more energized team members.  Branded gift cards, power banks, and tumblers are great milestone incentives to improve the health and wellness of your organization.  Make sure these are branded items so you don’t miss an opportunity to promote your brand and build employee loyalty.

Safety Programs

Work related injuries often result in employee hardships and customer impacting situations.  Company sponsored safety programs provide opportunities for safety awareness and incentives for injury prevention.  Branded merchandise is a terrific way to raise awareness that safety goals are being met and incentivize safety precautions.

Company Events

Company events are a great way to build comradery, establish trust, and even create vision.  Whether your event is teambuilding, company picnic, or strategic planning, don’t forget the power of promoting your brand.  These are great opportunities to reward milestones like tenure, celebrate successes and just let everyone in your organization know they are appreciated.  Let them know you care and promote your brand by giving something of value.


Company Stores

Company stores are a terrific way to promote your company brand, build teamwork, and motivate employees.  Let Nifty Promotions create and manage your custom designed company store where your employees have access to purchase company branded merchandise. Ensure your brand is used consistently across the organization with pre-approved quality products and artwork.


In service industry where it's important for everyone to know your name?  Nifty Promotions provides personalized uniforms and badges for every industry.  Hotel Management, Auto Repair, Construction.  Need heavy duty workwear and safetywear like Carhartt, Propper, Dickies and Bulwark?  Need high-visibility fluorescent yellow or safety green that meet Class 2 Level 2 requirements of ANSI/ISEA?  We’ve got you covered.